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Super Media League Production and Preojects

Excellence Since 2009

As an independent production company SML Productions & Projects (founded in 2009)

produces and co-produces unique Art house entertainment for Theatre and TV. Our aim as a

production is to challenge in creating unique production of artistic value. In the years of our

existence we have established a unique and strong business network within the South African

entertainment industry, through performing in different types of events, filming different

movies, music videos and commercials videos. We offer a wide range of entertainment from

theatre performance, filming, marketing campaigns and event coordination throughout the

country for major cooperate clients.

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” The advantages of a company Safety DVD is that it can be used repeatedly, and be reviewed by existing staff on a regular basis to keep them well informed and ready for any situation. Many dangerous behaviours or practices may be difficult to describe in words. On video they can be re-enacted, making the safety training more effective and more likely to be understood. A company safety DVD will serve as a valuable supporting tool for South African Health & Safety compliancy. Our video production crew has extensive film-making and video production experience, coupled with a passion for focused, and professional video on Health & Safety Animation Motion Graphics. ”

 Theatre  For Education

Theatre for Education is an exciting theatre program that serves as an effective vehicle for disseminating any awareness campaigns, where we also integrate social issues such as health and safety at a workplace.

“Theatre for Education” is grounded by its creative team & imagination of its cast & director; this along with the flexibility of the uniqueness of the format that allows the production to integrate a variety of awareness messages to be incorporated into shows, ultimately, strengthening the overall impact of issues and

awareness messages. Above all “Theatre for Education” is able to reflect the thoughts, feelings & life of message and also bring to life sight & sounds that hopefully will trigger awareness in a moment that could potentially mean life or death.

   Industrial Theatre


Our Industrial Theatres is often used to tactfully highlight workplace or social issues, including customer services, gender equality, change management, teambuilding and HIV/AIDS. We present shows that are enriching and thought-provoking and utilize all aspects of production to express the relevant issues.

Industrial theatre can be used, among other reasons, to add spark to launches and awards ceremonies and for the dissemination of information at Imbizos (corporate meetings), with subject matters that include new policies, employment equity and customer service.